Losing Weight With The Nintendo Wii 6 Weeks Later

Today was my first official weigh in and marks the end of the first week – the tally is in and I have lost 5.4 pounds this week!

Now that’s a couple pounds more than the suggested average to lose per week, but the first week is always pretty big I’ve been told.

The meeting we had today was actually kind of interesting to me because we talked about something that I just recently wrote for a guest blog that hasn’t been published yet. It was mainly about being positive and doing this for yourself. What was really interesting though was how our leader divided weight loss into 3 different possible stages.

1. The Honeymoon Stage – this stage your positive, keeping track every day and making sure your doing the right things. You’re telling everyone about your plan, you’re seeking information.
The results you get back are amazing. Essentially this was all me during my first go around with weight loss 3 years ago.

2. The Thrill is Gone Stage – During this stage
the best routes for deciding upon elements of weight loss you’re getting disgruntled with the progress, you start cheating, you start making excuses for why you’re not doing the plan and the results you get back aren’t that great as a result. This is also exactly what happened to me after about 6 or 7 months the first go around.

3. The 2nd Honeymoon stage – this is the stage where you get out of the Thrill is Gone Stage. During this stage you start realizing that during the first stage is when you had the most results. You start realizing that if you want to succeed you need to do it for yourself. It’s like a 2nd wind – things go back to the honeymoon stage of positiveness earlier – but maybe with a deeper gratification of what you’re really trying to accomplish. This is exactly the stage I started just a week ago.

All in all I thought the meeting was a quite interesting take on why I was there this time around. I definitely think this new plan will work, mixing the Wii workout with a diet plan that is known to work, rather than just doing the Wii workout and kind of figuring out the diet as I went. Plus, this keeps me accountable each week with real proof from a good scale on what I am doing and if it’s working. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.


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